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x-posted Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 06:42 pm
one verse of a song my mother wrote, in celebration of the day...

On the longest Winter night
From the silent sleeping Earth
Raise the call Midwinter's Eve
From the South I come to birth
Born am I to bring the Sun
Joined eternally to Time
Born am I to wake the Light
Child of Promise
Child Divine

Joyous Yule!

Nov. 16th, 2004 @ 07:33 pm
some quick background info for this post, my husband and i are into BDSM play, but aren't Lifestylers. i don't want that up for debate right now. however, in asking in other communities about giving my husband a slave name, i noticed that a couple folks mentioned Magickal names. so i was wondering, to everyone here, regardless of the specifics of your beliefs, do you feel your spirituality impacts your sexuality, and vice versa? if so, how? if not, why?


x-posted Nov. 9th, 2004 @ 11:48 am
had the TV on the other day, not really paying attention to it, and "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" was on. the "guest" was this goth-like chick band called The Hex Girls. knowing the the guests on Scooby-Doo are generally actual people, i got curious and did online digging. The Hex Girls aren't an actual band, but what i did find out was very interesting...

Scooby-doo teaches about Wicca vs. fairytale witchcraftCollapse )

some Hex Girls lyrics i found particularly tellingCollapse )

x-posted Oct. 31st, 2004 @ 01:18 pm
freedomCollapse )

Oct. 29th, 2004 @ 01:41 pm
Scotland to pardon executed witches

OK, i'll agree that pardoning the cats is a bit much, but i personally think it's a thoughtful gesture. regardless of whether those executed were practicing any form of witchcraft or non-Christian religion, it was the hysteria caused by the irrational fear of such people that was at the root of the accusations, and striving to attone for that, i think, is a step in the right direction for religious tolerance and acceptance.

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» (No Subject)
just a notice, there's a full lunar eclipse tonight, should be visible across most of the US, weather permitting.

...wish i could do something spiritual to celebrate this.


edit: here's an article with more info: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/13oct_lunareclipse.htm
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hello, am new here. i realized recently that i feel much stronger connections to the Mother and Crone aspects of Goddess at this time in my life, and am glad to have found somewhere to discuss and explore that. i'm extending an invitation to anyone here to friend my spiritual journal, nichneven, and also to read my "dark spirituality" journal on DeadJournal, here.

here's me, briefly:

female, 22 (23 on 11/9), wife, mother, geek, Traditionalist Wiccan, bisexual, freak (meaning, in the bedroom), and bitchy elitist Rivet chikk. questions welcome.

i'll be around...
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I've adored the traditional Dark Mother type for some time, the goddess who is at once destructive and nurturing. However, a new form has appeared in my personal mythology- a Mother who invites her children back into the womb. That's the inspiration for this username; Vesya Ma translates approximately to Whore Mother.

What do your Dark Mothers look like? Are they destructive in general? Fiercely protective of their children? Occasionally destructive toward their children, or perhaps giving pain towards a constructive/beneficial end? Do they have sexual aspects, or are they purely maternal?
» Darkness is coming...
I have been attached to the three for about five years or so, and whilst I have served, I have seen and experienced many enlightening things, I don't think that that would have been possible if it hadn't been for my grandmother, (who has been practicing for most of her life), who encouraged such activities from me.
Thankfully I grew up in an area specific to my requirements, and was able to persue my religious beliefs, that is up until now.
I recently had contact with a couple of people, who to my knowledge, appeared to be agnostic.
They unfortunatly are christians, not that I have problems with people from other religions in general, my mother was born again for a very long time, but I never felt like I was being evaluated.

I walked into the place today, to see if there was anything I could do, but to my horror I realised they have been trying to get me to change.
I have my faith for very strict reasons, as most of my family do, we have been practicing since before any of us can remember. The people mentioned do know this.

To bind someone or to try to without provocation is unjust.
I don't know if any of you has suffered recently because of similar situations, if so, let me know I can probably help.

Please all of you be careful, I feel like something is coming, it is in the air
» Attn: World Wide BoS
hey all,

I'm sending this out to as many pagans I can get intouch with. There's this project that's brewing and it'd be great to get as many pagans involved as possible.

The project heads will send out books to pagans who sign on, who will add and send the books to others who want to add in. I figure in New York alone, we could get up to tens of thousands of pagans in this day and age (but I may be figuring the northeast with that number).

Right now we're discussing adding sections like history, ethics, spells, sabbats, etc. Before you get the book you can help out with the shaping of this project by posting to it on the web.

The project and the people behind it can be found on livejournal at:

except from the site:
"This is a community dedicated to a travelling book of shadows. Witchcraft/Wicca/Paganism is a huge faith dedicated to several strands of life. Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher when it comes to learning the old and the new ways of Paganism. This is a community where we start to learn from eachother in more ways than one. RavenDancer and StormDancer will be starting the book of shadows up by collecting addresses of witches around the world. Books will be posted in different directions, and each witch will contribute to the book in his or her own way. We are hoping to create a multicultural book of shadows. From hand to hand the power is passed, from hand to hand the cirlce will cast."

So who's interested? They're talking about sending me a book first so I can pass it around to everyone I can connect to in NY. Well I'm connected to hundreds of you through these egroups, lj communities, and local organizations, etc. So ummm we'll have to figure out a way that we can do this in some sort of order.

Any input, advice, and critical comments are helpful!

-Nicole Graf
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