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hello all, this is my first post in this community; i have been… - Nox Matris

About hello all, this is my first post in this community; i have been…

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hello all,
this is my first post in this community; i have been studying goddess matters for a few years no and rgained the studies some time ago after some time of pause. i have been researching serpent and origin/creation myths and last night i cracked my head with this line of logic - lunar current/matriarchal vs solar currents/patriarchal. bear with me i'm an anti-patriarchal fundamentalist ;) lol. anyways. just anted to share this piece, feel free to share opinions...
all the best


last night while doing one conclusive research on compared mythology i came to this conclusion:

in the selected group, all primordial elements were female or female-related-more-than-likely inverted/demonized by the coming patriarchal invasions.

the most primordial all related to: the moon, chaos, water, the night and the depths.

the solar male element appears later and he is the one that introduces the element of violence: he's the one who attacks his counterpart first.

all the actions of subsequent defense of god-the-mother however are regarded as "evil" and "curses" by mythology.

the posterior inversion of all creation myths and their adaptation into the patriarchal system gives birth to bastardizations as the swallowing of sumrian mythological structure all into jewish-crhistian cosmogony, but many other mythologies where god-the-mother appears as prevailing, they are carefully hidden...

the most interesting part are the hidden lements because to the eye of the one who is able to read more than just between the lines and connect the dots, knows other things that lurk inside. the reason of the primal fear and that throws down the mask of "strenght" of the solar gods. they are gods of fear - literally. the force that drives them is but the fear of the mother and the anxiety for dominion, not - as it has been stipulated - the ability to dominate or the strenght of will.
what binds down god the mother? our ignorance of her and human fear. however it is really not for everyone to face and 7.000 years of patriarchal bullshit have caused irreversible damage on the basic structures. it would take at least one whole world totally or almost, ravaged in order to invert the basic structures in record time. which of course is impossible in practice and not likely to happen.

god the mother is usually demonized as the "dark" vengeful goddess, the crone, kali dancing over dead bodies...but what if that rage is only fair viewed from a fundamentally feminine point of view? we will see it as evil if our vision is tainted. therefore women will end up tolerating male violence without an answer to fight back. the second step, they will turn against the other women who defend their own rights. these are the three greatest victories of patriarchate: a) demonizing the natural rectitude of woman for the spontaneity of the act: cause-effect b) gaining sympathies on the weakest women, the weakest links, who will cater to the solar males in need of protection, care, food and home and c) spreading the "disease" while turning the weakest against the other remaining women, on the grounds of blackmail ("we that compactuate at least have food and are safe").


i created you. i am that from which everything comes from and from which everything returns into. you had the nerve to impose yourself to my good and peaceful nature. you messed. i struck you down. don't make me look like evil. you messed FIRST. and i'll rain down vengeance upon you until you repair your errors towards me. which is now probably till the end of time.

look at what your 7000 years of solar "morality" have done to the world. it's all your fault. would have been better in my hands. you didn't trusted me. this is what you get. you force my nature to be at war against you. you provoke what would always love you and you shouldn't. but it was your choice to attack.

you gave me no other choice but to strike you down.

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Date:November 21st, 2005 10:29 am (UTC)
sorry this is a bit OT, but i've seen that last woman's photo in a magazine, and she fascinated me. do you know her name?
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