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Nox Matris

... just what the swing tag says!

Dark Mother
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this is a community to focus on dark goddesses and their various aspects. while i realize it's hard to pigeonhole any entity into a specific role and that some goddesses may encompass various aspects, i'd like to stay away from the froofy hoo-ha stuff. there's a metric assload of communities specifically suited to that sort of thing that i'm sure would be more than happy to hear what you have to say.

any female entities, including your very own personal ones, are welcome. i'll pretty much leave the definition of 'dark' up to you. some things can get pretty sketchy [ie: sexuality vs. fertility] but i trust you all have at least some semblance of common sense until i am proved otherwise.

in which case, i'm going to have to lay the smack down.

don't make me do that.

other things that will result in smackage are promoting other communities, posting about your ebay auctions, ranting about how you think we're all dirty satanists, ranting about how you hate your boyfriend and you want to lob his dick off, and other things which are Completley and Obviously Off-Topic. once again, common sense is a virtue. i'm pretty lax about people being bitchy but if you feel that you [or someone else] is Actually, Really, Truly being Abused than drop me a line and i'll either do something about it or blatantly ignore your petty invention of a problem.

moderator: shebangline

[i'm fully aware that "nox matris" is probably not proper latin. please don't drive a railroad spike up my ass regarding the sentence structures of languages i don't speak.]